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Servicios de spa
Therapy Massage



Swedish Massage
Using a variety of techniques, the therapist will perform a thorough massage to sooth the muscles and promote relaxation.
Duration: 50 Minutes - $85 - 40 Minutes - $65
Hot Stone Massage
A therapy massage performed with hot stone that are applied to discomforted areas of the body used to relieve tension.
Duration: 75 Minutes - $120
This massage concentrates primarily on the feet. The massage therapist does a pressure point massage on specific areas that directly correspond to the vital organs of the body. And excellent treatment to relieve stress and increase energy.
Duration: 60 Minutes - $85- 30 Minutes - $55
Aromatherapy Massage
A gentle, soothing massage using aromatic oils. Based on the type of oils used, the effects of this massage can be calming, balancing energizing.
Duration: 50 Minutes - $95
Stress Relief Extend Massage
A treatment specifically tailored for the stressed guest. It includes a cranial massage, body aromatherapy massage with the use of neurovascular trigger points in the hands, feet and face.
Duration: 80 Minutes - $125
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
Recommended for anyone recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic pain, or whom is very physically active. Also recommended for those who enjoy a deeper massage technique.
Duration: 50 Minutes - $95
Lymphatic Massage
Therapy used to minimize edema, swelling and bruising of post-surgery procedure.
Duration: 60 Minutes - $75- 30 Minutes - $50

LomiLomi Massage
A native Polynesian and Hawaiian healing practice, lomilomi massage is a deeply nurturing style of massage characterized by fast flowing movement and a spiritual bent—therapists focus on giving the treatment with love and intention. In general, strokes are long, flowing, fast, and rhythmic, and therapists use their hands, forearms, and occasionally their fists for off-and-on deep pressure. Lomilomi treatments are choreographed and given in time to lomilomi music (mostly drums). 
Duration: 50 minutes- $125